Hamilton Loss Consultants

If you were to sustain a property insurance loss, would you know what to do?
A property insurance claim can be the most emotional and financially stressful experience of your life. Most policyholders have never had a claim and have no idea how or where to even start. The insurance companies have staff adjusters or they hire independent adjusters to represent their interests. Who is looking out for your interests?

Hamilton Loss Consultants is a public adjusting firm that only represents the insurance policyholders vs the insurance companies in presenting your property claim to your insurance carrier.


We make sure that you get your payment from the insurance company


You’ll get a detailed estimate of what you’re belongings are really worth


We’ve partnered with the Hamilton Law Firm to offer you full legal advice and support if it’s ever needed

Meet Tim Hamilton

I have 40+yrs of experience dealing with everything from hurricanes and tornadoes, to floods and fires. I’ve worked on disasters and supported claims all over the country. I’ve claimed back millions for policyholders and was the first Public Adjuster licensed in the state of Iowa.


Get in Touch

If you or someone that you know has lost anything from their home, office, building, or personal property, get in touch today. The insurance companies job is to save money, it’s our job to get you what you deserve and able to get your life back.

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