Hamilton Loss Consultants

From New York to Florida, to Iowa and from flooding, to fires, to tornadoes and hurricanes, I’ve seen it all. I’ve been in the business for 40 yrs and have seen and fought with enough insurance agencies to know how to get your money from them quickly.

Although losing your personal belongings or business to a disaster is in no way an easy thing to have to deal with, we aim to make the process of getting your life back in order with the aid of a financial payout from the insurance company a whole lot easier.

As a public adjuster and appraiser, I can assess the cost of the goods damaged or lost and work on your behalf to claim and retrieve the funds from the insurance company. In the case that any advice or guidance regarding the law, we have partnered with Hamilton Law Firm to further assist with these issues.

The team is ready and waiting to help you put things right, and we’re willing to fly anywhere in Iowa to meet with you and make that a reality.


Fighting For The People


Adjusted for Those Hit by Them


Public Adjuster to be Licensed in the State of Iowa


Given Back to the People That Have Lost it All

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I have 40+yrs of experience dealing with everything from hurricanes and tornadoes, to floods and fires. I’ve worked on disasters and supported claims all over the country. I’ve claimed back millions for policyholders and was the first Public Adjuster licensed in the state of Iowa.

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